SportAccord 2021 Volunteer Programme Launched in Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg, Russia – The start of the volunteer programme for the SportAccord World Sport and Business Summit 2021 was announced today.

The World Sport & Business Summit will be held in Ekaterinburg from 23-28 May 2021 and will involve more than 600 volunteers.

Volunteers will take care of most of the organisational issues related to the work of the business programme, exhibition center, accreditation сenter, accommodation, and transport. Volunteers will also work at the SportAccord Sports Festival, which will be in the centre of Ekaterinburg.

Training for volunteers will be provided by specialists with experience in global sporting events. Depending on the functional direction, volunteers will have the opportunity to get unique branded uniforms and attributes. Each volunteer will be provided with personal protective equipment: masks, gloves, antiseptic spray.

You can join the team of volunteers on the official volunteer portal of the Sverdlovsk region at the link: