President Chiulli and Governor Kuivashev Meet 200 days before the Start of SportAccord 2021

Today is exactly 200 days before the start of SportAccord 2021 in Ekaterinburg. SportAccord President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli and the Managing Director, Mr. Nis Hatt arrived in the capital of the Urals on an inspection visit. The first official meeting was held with the Head of the Region, Governor Evgeny Kuivashev.

“I am glad to meet you in Ekaterinburg. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to personally assess the preparations for the World Summit of Sports and Business. I would like to note that we take a comprehensive approach to solving all organizational issues, preparing infrastructure, and ensuring security, ” Governor Kuivashev said.

The SportAccord delegation is coming to Ekaterinburg for the third time. But for the first time, the President of the Association, Dr. Raffaele Chiulli arrived as a member of the delegation. He noted that “The Summit will help unite people and will be the catalyst of the world’s sports programs.”

“Key specialists in various industries will be invited to participate in the Summit. These will be specialists in the field of health care, public activities, and the organization of public events. There will be well-known politicians, for example, the 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – within the framework of the forum’s agenda, it is planned to discuss the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will also invite outstanding athletes who have already shown by their achievements what sport is and what we can achieve thanks to it,” said Dr. Raffaele Chiulli .

According to Mr. Hatt, who is coming to the Sverdlovsk region for the third time, “SportAccord and Ekaterinburg are one team and we feel at home here.”

“I am sure that we will hold the best Summit in Ekaterinburg,” Nis Hatt said.

The preparations for the Summit are being carried out on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  SportAccord is the only business sports event that brings together representatives and participants of international sports federations where they simultaneously hold its annual General assemblies.

The World Sport and Business Summit will be held from 7-12 November 2021.