Meetings with Olympians as Ekaterinburg will become the Place WHERE SPORT MEETS for One Week

SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit will be part of the Atmosphere Landscape Festival, which will be held at the 1905 Square in the heart of Ekaterinburg from 14-22 August 2021. For nine days, the centre of Ekaterinburg will become the place WHERE SPORTS MEET.

The three-story SportAccord pavilion is oasis inspired with the outer facade decorated with climbing plants, shrubs, and other greenery. To mark the end of the festival and its legacy, they will be planted in and around Ekaterinburg.

“More than thirty regional sports federations will join the work of the pavilion, which will hold open master classes for everyone. We are creating a sports house, albeit temporary, which is designed to bring the entire sports community together in one place,” says Dmitry Putilin, Head of Directorate of the SportAccord 2022 Local Organising Committee

The sports zone will be open daily – a rich programme is being prepared for guests and residents of Ekaterinburg, including meetings with champions and medalists of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, with additional sports demonstrations for residents to watch.