SportAccord 2022 Pavilion Host Meeting of Representatives from Twenty Foreign Countries, the Sverdlovsk Region and SportAccord

Ekaterinburg, Russia – The meeting took place in Ekaterinburg today where representatives from twenty foreign countries, the Sverdlovsk Region and SportAccord discussed the upcoming SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit 2022

The meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the upcoming SportAccord. The World Sport & Business Summit will take place from 15-20 May 2022 and bring together all the heads of international sports federations, delegates from the International Olympic Committee, and other global sports leaders. The World Sport & Business Summit was specifically designed for the development of sports all over the world, and today’s meeting with the consuls was yet another important step in this direction.

Malcolm Hardman, Business Development Manager at SportAccord, was the first to take the floor: “SportAccord offers a wide range of opportunities for the development of sports and sports tourism in your countries. We hope to see you all at the Summit next year, and we also hope that you will invite the ministers of sports and tourism of your countries to Ekaterinburg. The Summit will feature inception meetings, an exhibition, a social program, networking opportunities, specialized workshops, and, of course, a sports festival.”

The SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit is usually held every year, but it has not been held since 2019 due to the pandemic. At the same time, new issues are constantly arising in international sports and Ekaterinburg will turn into the center of problem-solving. The upcoming Summit will prompt the global community to seek cooperation at the most diverse levels, make new decisions for further development, and this is very important for the future of sports.

“Just as the word ‘accord’, originating from the Latin ‘accordium’, i.e., agreement, means harmony and agreement of sounds in music, so the SportAccord Summit is harmony between new trends in the evolution of sporting activities, sports management, economics, and technologies,” said Leonid Rapoport, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Sverdlovsk Region.

“The cooperation of all organizations and experts, who are involved in this field both vertically and horizontally, provides a means of orchestrating new ways of the development of the sports law, new opportunities for sporting event management, the most advanced strategies for large-scale events, as well as developing cross-cultural communications.”

SportAccord was held in Russia already twice, before and after the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. At the same time, it was Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, who talked about the possibility of choosing the city that unites Europe and Asia as a new venue for the World Sport & Business Summit.

Ekaterinburg has enormous potential. Industry, trade, and education are developing at breakneck speed, attracting not only Russian citizens but also professionals from abroad. There are 28 diplomatic missions in the city and it has established foreign economic relations with over 130 countries. Today, Ekaterinburg is among the ten most popular Russian cities and makes the top 200 most visited big urban centers in the world.

Moreover, Ekaterinburg has long become one of the most popular venues for international sporting events, such as the World Boxing and Volleyball Championships, the FIDE Candidates Tournament, the European Championship in Sailing, and the 2023 Summer World University Games. Both infrastructure and talent pool provide the city with the opportunity to host a large number of global competitions.