President Chiulli successfully led first ever ARISF Virtual General Assembly

On 10 November 2020, the global sports community came together virtually for the ARISF General Assembly to reflect on the united front of sport in the face of this past year’s challenges, and voted on the election of one Council Member for the Period of 2020-2021.

The General Assembly began with video messages and speeches from key guests such as IOC President Thomas Bach, WADA President Witold Banka, ITA Chair of the Board Valerie Fourneyron, ASOIF President Francesco Ricci Bitti and IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell.

WADA President Witold Banka speaks at the ARISF General Assembly

“It was an honour to have the leaders of sport to speak at the ARISF General Assembly. Our organization encompasses all International Olympic Committee Recognised IFs and it is important for them to interact with the leading stakeholders in the Olympic Movement” said ARISF President Raffaele Chiulli.

The ARISF President provided an outline on his meetings with the IOC President, Director General and Sports Director to further strengthen the constructive dialogue and cooperation between ARISF and the IOC. At the most recent and very positive meeting with IOC Sports Director and his team, the meeting was focused on operational matters such as the reactivation of the Liaison committee between the IOC and ARISF, strengthening the role of ARISF in the IOC Recognition process and jointly developing a future IOC – ARISF cooperation plan.

There were discussions on the ARISF IFs COVID-19 related impacts and the future work in projects such as the overall strategic review, identity, good governance, sustainability and social inclusion and how to strengthen services to the members.

ASOIF President Francescco Ricci Bitti addressing the ARISF members at the General Assembly

On the topic of doping the ARISF President mentioned that he is proud of the successful cooperation with WADA, also following-up the past ARISF/WADA Anti-Doping Coaching/Training sessions, which presented an open platform for IFs, WADA and any individual or organization involved or interested in clean sport to share expertise, experiences, and views in an open and transparent manner. “We will continue to work together focusing on a variety of areas including prevention, information sharing, doping control, results management, and other key elements for the protection of clean athletes.” added President Chiulli.

Also, the ITA continues to provide the assistance ARISF members need. In this respect, President Chiulli had constructive meetings with the Chair and General Director of the ITA to further strengthen the collaboration also ensuring that IFs continue to be fully WADA Code compliant.

With regard to the update of ARISF and its members, President Chiulli said that the ARISF Council has worked hard in the last year and has defined an action plan for better interaction and work with key stakeholders of the Olympic Movement.

ITA Chair of the Board and IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell speak at the General Assembly

President Chiulli said “The Sports World lives in constant change and will continue to do so. ARISF must assist its Members “to manage the change, before the change manages them”. ”Given the range of complex issues facing sport around the world, promoting and supporting best practice in governance is, of course, high on our agenda. ARISF is committed to helping all members to operate to the highest appropriate standards of governance.”

The ARISF Secretary General Riccardo Fraccari added that today ARISF is in good financial situation and the budget and key financial figures have improved in the last 5 years. ARISF is now in position to start new projects to serve its members. The General Assembly approved the audited accounts.

The General Assembly voted upon a new council member as Hon. Molly Rhone had relinquished her position of President International Netball Federation in 2019. The two candidates who stood for this position were Giannarigo Rona, President International Bridge Federation and Claude Azema, President Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules. Mr. Claude Azema was elected as Council member.

President Chiulli closed the General Assembly with his thanks to the ARISF Administration and particularly to Mr. Rohit Ramesh, to the Council and Secretary General, and to all IF members for their valuable collaboration. “Finally, let me say that we must all play our part to ensure we come through this crisis together. Unity, altruism, and understanding are values that are key characteristics of a successful team. Now, more than ever, let us work as a team!”

Main photo: IOC President addresses the guests, council and members of ARISF at the ARISF General Assembly