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Have you found that CrazyLight Boost have been not released the new one in the 2017 .

Although Crazy Explosive launched high-top models and PK versions, it has a very high reputation in the market. At the same time, Rose 8’s  is indeed more popular then the Crazy Explosive . But many people who cross CrazyLight Boost 2016 still look forward to the arrival of CrazyLight 2017, but finally they were completely disappointed,However there is the version of CrazyLight 2018.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 1

Since CrazyLight 2016 released , the word “Light” has become less and less important in sneaker world  (although CrazyLight 2018 is actually lighter in adidas  shoes for almost a year), players are more need for protective and wrapped. Sexual demand also makes adidas pay more attention to the performance of shoes, be regarded as abandoning the original intention of the series “light to fast”.  this time CrazyLight 2018 uses a thicker mesh on the upper and adds a glial coating to the parts that need to be reinforced – the strap attachment section and the forefoot collision zone. At the heel, the shoes were equipped with a rubber covering module with a wide coverage but a high degree of generality. Although CrazyLight 2016’s TPU module and Primeknit upper were discarded, which making the shoes more of a “cheap sense”, but this also to some extent control the cost of shoes.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 2

The CrazyLight 2018 uses full-length  Boost, and adds an external coating on the forefoot to prevent excessive Boost deformation. also there is interval TPU board in the middle of Boost and outsole guarantees torsion, seems it the same  with Rose 8.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 3

For the traction ,The Crazylight Boost 2018 used the nice pattern which   follows the CLB16, with varying shapes and groove spacing, but it is solid, thick, and durable. The prominent part of the forefoot outside plays a role in anti-twisting, we can feel the stops are harsh and quick, to the point it almost makes your foot roll over the footbed.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 4



adidas Crazy Light 2018 5

adidas Crazy Light 2018 6

adidas Crazy Light 2018 7

For the cushioning : Full-length Boost  is never dispointed ,The midsole, at least in the heel, also borders on UltraBoost compression, which leads to instability if you are a heavy heel-striker on landings and plants for jumps. adidas countered this slightly by raising the outsole rubber around the lower half of the Boost to provide some slight containment.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 8

adidas Crazy Light 2018 9

The CrazyLight 2018 does not have such a large material density.  I even suspected that I was wearing my own UltraBoost in the court. However, this “unprofessional” Boost also caused me to feel sore feet after an hour of game, and I also felt a slight delay in starting.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 10

CrazyLight 2018 uses the mesh material also the forefoot midsole is not enough. After tying the shoelaces, the sneaker’s wrap performance allows you to immediately feel like a sock-like tightness.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 11

adidas Crazy Light 2018 13

The TPU outsole of the shoes is very powerful because of its large area, and the resistance of the shoes is very strong. It is difficult for us to twist the CrazyLight 2018. In order to ensure the stability of the midsole, the addition of shoes to the TPU or overlying modules has kept the stability of the midsole of the shoes.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 14

However, the stability of the shoe is not great . Because of uppers material  and the softness of the texture, even with the addition of a support band, we can see that the forefoot uppers of the shoes in the emergency stop will be great deformation. At the same time, the heel of the shoes has a lack of protection part  because of the colloidal module, which the stability is also reduced.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 15

Overall, The lower price of CrazyLight 2018 allows you to enjoy the perfect cushioning of full-boost Boost (I think of Rose Englewood Boost with 3/4  Boost had the lower price ), and the softer feel makes you feel different from other Technology comfortable foot feeling. But the shoe’s upper support and heel stability will be a headache, and the abrasion of the shoes makes it difficult to use as a field shoe.
We recommend these two CrazyLight 2018 breakthrough less, pitching and shooting and other small-scale movements and focus on pitching pitcher. We believe that it will surely be able to provide excellent cushioning and instant action. A good grip that stops immediately will be an excellent weapon in your actual combat.

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