Host a World Combat Games

A breathtaking event showcasing the world's best martial arts and combat sports.

The World Combat Games will, for up to eight days, be the beating heart for combat sports and will be the perfect bridge between elite sport and local communities.


Ability to significantly increase occupancy in local hotels for the week, by up to 5,000 room nights
Incremental room nights, if located within a city that has seasonality
Increase in spend by delegates within the local economy through meals, event and tourist activities
Increase in spend by delegates to local suppliers such as Exhibition, transportation and AV
Host City specific sponsorship and exhibition sales opportunities


Increase in hosting world class sporting events and higher profile events with greater returns
Opportunity for cities to maintain and attract new commercial partners locally and internationally
Positive impact on the local sporing community and to enhance relationships with local National Sport Federations and for them with their International Sport Federations
Opportunity to positively impact Sport Tourism in your city
Repeat tourism from the delegation