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Born and bred in Australia, luxury accessory brand Republic of Florence has been bringing Italy’s best and supplest leather to our onshore market since 2007. With high quality materials, artisan-style craftsmanship and sophisticated styling, this small homegrown business has become an international fashion accessory phenomenon.

Established as a family-run business that operates under traditional Florentine craftsmen techniques, Republic of Florence has not let commercial success steer them away from their artisan-centric production process. As a result, getting your hands on one of authentic leather accessories is a reward in itself; with the small-scale releases generating even greater customer demand.

From premium leather products to considered means of production, Republic of Florence also have sustainability on their minds. A proud part of their business ethos is that no chemicals are added and all products are restricted to the vegetable tanning process. As a result of this, each bag is completed with varying imperfections and qualities; making each and every piece truly unique to its owner.

Within each creation, Republic of Florence strives to incorporate memories and retell a story, believing that the journeys we take and the adventures we have and the things we learn are the things that are truly important in life. When the founders aren’t developing their designs, being creative or working on their pop up stores, they can often be found in Florence, sourcing the best and richest quality leathers to make their ideas come to life.

Here at Sportaccord, we avidly embrace our catalogue of Republic of Florence pieces and delight in their diverse range of bags where there’s always one to suit every shopper. Uncover your everyday confidante from a range of commuter-style backpacks, capacious totes, long-lunch handbags, entrepreneur side satchels, corporate messengers, compact wallets and CEO-worthy briefcases. No matter if you are in search of getaway weekenders, travel toiletry bags, stationary portfolios and evening-appropriate cross-body bags, Republic of Florence’s selection of luxe leather products has got all your accessory needs covered.

For premium pieces with Italian-sourced leather and artisanally-crafted techniques, shop all the different styles, colour palettes and sizes Republic of Florence has on offer at Sportaccord today.