Season’s wishes from the President

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Ugur Erdener, the president of SportAccord since 2023 for a 4-year term, dressed in a black costume.

As the newly elected President of SportAccord, I am thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with you all. The year 2024 holds immense promise for the world of sports, and I am honoured to lead SportAccord during this transformative period.

A highlight of the forthcoming year will be the eagerly anticipated SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit, set to take place in the vibrant city of Birmingham, West Midlands, from 7-11 April 2024. This event is not just a gathering – it is a celebration of “The Power of Sport”.

The Summit will be a convergence of minds, bringing together over 1,500 leaders and key decision-makers from the International Olympic Committee, over 120 International Federations, and wide-ranging organisations integral to the business of sport. This is a truly unique platform, nowhere else do so many of us meet in one place.

The World Sport & Business Summit is more than a series of meetings – it is an immersive experience featuring networking gatherings, a comprehensive conference programme, and exhibition space. It is an opportunity for International Federations, industry representatives, cities, regions and sports businesses to get together and shape the future.

As we look ahead to 2024, let us embrace the challenges and opportunities that come our way. May the SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit be an inspiration, bringing us closer together in our shared commitment to the transformative power of sport.

I would also like to highlight SportAccord’s appreciation for the ongoing support of the International Olympic Committee and our stakeholders – ASOIF, WOF, ARISF and AIMS.

I believe that we are all privileged to work in and to be involved in sport, which has such a unique and precious power to unite, to inspire and to transform lives. Let us appreciate that we are the current custodians of that power and commit to using it as wisely as we can.

Wishing you all a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead!

Warm regards,

Prof Dr Uğur Erdener

President, SportAccord