GAISF Hosts Virtual General Assembly 2022

The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) President Ivo Ferriani today provided an update on the future of the organisation at the virtual GAISF General Assembly 2022.

Mr Ferriani praised the global sports community for continuing to play a major part in the way communities are returning to sport after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the General Assembly, Mr Ferriani then addressed the future of GAISF.

GAISF President Ferriani said:

GAISF has long served useful functions and purposes. However, it has experienced a significant reduction of the scope of its activities over the past few years. For example, the umbrella organisations, which also represent GAISF Members, cover collective services for their own members and they can do so at a more specific level. ASOIF, AIOWF, ARISF, and AIMS – are doing more for their Members than ever before and this is certainly positive. 

As such, the GAISF Council has come to the conclusion that the logical consequence of these developments has to be explored. This is why we today announce that an Extraordinary General Meeting will be called, in September, to decide on the dissolution of GAISF.”

GAISF President Ferriani also stated that GAISF would host Q&A sessions for Members, led by a legal working group, over the coming months. A specific date will be communicated by the GAISF Administration and all Members are invited to participate.

GAISF Multi-Sport Games Chairman and GAISF Vice President, Stephan Fox, provided an update on the upcoming 2023 World Combat Games set to be hosted in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

The nine-day event, which will combine sport and culture in a festival atmosphere, will bring together 15 combat sports and martial arts and include competitions, sport demonstrations, educational conferences and workshops hosted by leading martial art masters. The event will also feature the first World Martial Arts Gala, honouring the legends of martial arts and combat sports.

Chairman of the GAISF Membership Commission, Mike Joyce, also provided an update on membership and the work of the commission. In addition, the budget 2022 and audited accounts 2021 were approved by voting members.

The General Assembly video stream is available here.