Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is SportAccord?

SportAccord is a not-for profit global sport business event organisation focused on driving positive change internationally and dedicated to engaging and connecting; international federations, rights holders, organising committees, cities, press and media, businesses and other organisations involved in the development and business of sport.

SportAccord events annually bring together representatives from more than 125 International Sports Federations affiliated with the following umbrella organisations. 

SportAccord’s stakeholders include:

  • ASOIF (Association of Summer Olympic International Federations), 
  • AIOWF (Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations), 
  • ARISF (Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations), 
  • AIMS (Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport), 
  • GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations) and Associate Members

In addition, SportAccord receives the full support of the IOC (International Olympic Committee)

What is the SportAccord World Sport and Business Summit?

Each year, SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit brings together international sports federations and organisations involved in the business of sport over 6-days and is attended by leaders of the global sports community. It engages international sports federations, athletes, industry, rights holders, organising committees, cities, government, agencies, media, technology, legal teams, medical professionals, inventors, and subject matter experts – represented at the highest levels.

The SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit annually brings together representatives from more than 125+ International Sports Federations affiliated with the following umbrella organisations that host their Annual General Assemblies at SportAccord. Our event is an international sport convention hosted over a week, combining an exhibition area, a themed conference programme (SportAccord Summit, CityAccord, LawAccord, InvestAccord, HealthAccord, MediaAccord) and a multitude of networking events. 

SportAccord was delighted to announce Ekaterinburg, Russia, as Host City for SportAccord 2021 which is set to take place from 23–28 May 2021 at the IEC Ekaterinburg-Expo.

Where has the SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit been held in the past?

The cities and countries hosting the SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit are as diverse as the fabric of sport itself with past editions held in the following cities:

  • 2003 Madrid (Spain)
  • 2004 Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • 2005 Berlin (Germany)
  • 2006 Seoul (South Korea)
  • 2007 Beijing (China)
  • 2008 Athens (Greece)
  • 2009 Denver (USA)
  • 2010 Dubai (UAE)
  • 2011 London (UK)
  • 2012 Québec City (Canada)
  • 2013 St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • 2014 Belek/Antalya (Turkey)
  • 2015 Sochi (Russia)
  • 2016 Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • 2017 Aarhus (Denmark)
  • 2018 Bangkok (Thailand)
  • 2019 Gold Coast (Australia)
  • 2020 Lausanne (Switzerland)

Where will the next SportAccord World Sport and Business Summit be held?

The 2021 edition of the annual World Sport & Business Summit will take place from 23-28 May 2021 in Ekaterinburg, Russia at the IEC Ekaterinburg-Expo.

What is Regional SportAccord?

The Regional SportAccord brings together international sports federations and organisations involved in the business of sport for their region. The 3-day event is attended by international sports federations and regional leaders of the sports community. Regional SportAccord is aimed at international sports federations, cities/regions and ministries, rights holders, subject matter experts, media and industry – represented at the highest levels.

The event allows delegates to freely interact with key decision-makers in sport from all over the world. This will be facilitated by the intimate, exclusive, and interactive design of the Regional SportAccord exhibition, featured areas, conference/workshops, social, cultural and networking activities. With this, the Regional SportAccord conference programme is designed to meet the needs of the Pan American audience and will tackle some of the most relevant topics in sport event hosting.

Where has the Regional SportAccord been held in the past?

The inaugural edition of Regional SportAccord took place in Fort Lauderdale, USA (10-12 December 2019) and focused on the Pan American Region (North and South America).

Where will the next Regional SportAccord be held?

The date and place for the Regional SportAccord 2021 edition has not yet been announced.

What is the International Federation (IF) Forum?

The International Federation (IF) Forum offers three days of targeted thematic sessions designed to be of specific value to the International Sport Federations' in attendance. In addition, we have a limited amount of commercial partners for this exclusive event.

Can I attend as a delegate the IF Forum?

IF Forum is not open to the public or press/media, IF Forum is an invite-only event consisting of International Sport Federations, Speakers and exclusive Official IF Forum Partners.

Why attend SportAccord events?

You can meet key decision-makers and influencers in sport, expand your network by meeting with international sports federations and share your best practices at the most attended gathering in sport business.

Who attends SportAccord events?

SportAccord creates a global gathering of +1500 key decision makers from up to 100 countries around the world, representing +1000 different organisations, over 150 cities/regions. Consisting of the following:

International Olympic Committee, Olympic and International Sport Federations, Sports Rights-Holders, National Olympic Committees, Heads of State, Bidding Cities, National Events Organisations and Sport Commissions, Host Cities, Local Event Organising Committees and Development Authorities, Sports Consultants, Lawyers, Service providers and Sponsors, International Press and Media and Athletes.

How much is the fee for delegate pass for the SportAccord 2021 World Sport & Business Summit?

The normal rate is 2,500 CHF, however, the current registration fee is 1,500 CHF (Early-Bird Rate)

What is included in Delegate Accreditation?

  • Access to the SportAccord Mobile App and its networking tool for enhanced networking opportunities.
  • Receipt of the pre-event and post-event publications.
  • Full access to the SportAccord Opening and Awards Ceremony.
  • Full access to the SportAccord Closing Event
  • Full access to the Conference Programme.
  • Full access to the Exhibition - including networking and lounge areas.
  • Full access to the multiple Exhibition Cocktails.
  • Preferential Rates at Official SportAccord Hotels.
  • Delegate bag containing event information and the Event Guide.
  • Free Wi-Fi access within the SportAccord Venue.
  • Complimentary Food and Drinks at the SportAccord Venue during the exhibition.

Where can I register for SportAccord 2021?

You can register as a Delegate for the SportAccord World Sport and Business Summit on the following link.

Registration confirmation is given to fully completed and paid registrations only.  Only confirmed delegates will receive full access to all the outlined items above.

Swiss Valued Added Tax (VAT) of 7.7% will be charged on top of the Delegate Fee if the organisation is based in Switzerland.


Accompanying guest accreditation only have access to the Official Opening and Awards Ceremony and Closing Event for SportAccord 2021.

If Accompanying Guests wish to have access to any other official schedule element of SportAccord 2021, the delegate fee will be applied.

Can I make multiple registrations with one e-mail address?

No, one email address can only be used once for one delegate registration.

How can I apply for a media accreditation?

For more information please read our Media Application and Approval Process Policy and contact SportAccord media team:

How can I be a speaker in the SportAccord conference?

If you wish to be a speaker on a SportAccord event, please contact the SportAccord Conference Programme Development team:

How can I become a Partner?

For partnership opportunities please contact the SportAccord sales team on

How to be an Exhibitor?

For more information please contact the SportAccord sales team on or view the online floorplan here: Link

Do I receive a visa with my SportAccord registration?

No, it is the delegate’s responsibility to obtain an entry visa for the country.  SportAccord will assist with issuing an invitation letter to all registered delegates who have requested for the support letter for visa application, via the online registration system. 

For all the necessary information for the SportAccord 2021, please visit the following link. If a visa is not granted, the Cancellation Policies will still apply.

For further enquiries, please contact visa support team on

Can I book a Hotel Room in the Official SportAccord 2021 Hotels?

Only registered delegates can book a hotel room in the Official SportAccord Hotels.  To guarantee hotel reservation for SportAccord 2021, all bookings are to be paid in full via credit card payment through the online registration system.

More information on the official hotels can be via this link.

Is complimentary transportation provided from the Airport?

Yes, complimentary transportation is provided from/to the airport to/from the official SportAccord hotels for confirmed SportAccord 2021 delegates

Can I cancel my SportAccord 2021 registration?

Delegate accreditation may be cancelled by sending written notice to

Please note – cancellation policy and fees below:

  • If cancellation is made on or before 21 February 2021, 50% of the delegate fee will be refunded (Credit Card Fee of 3% will apply).
  • If cancellation is made as of 22 February 2021, 100% of the delegate fee will be retained by SportAccord.
  • If a refund has been granted on by SportAccord, due to credit card administration costs, a fee of 3% will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.