LawInSport is an educational media business that provides expert commentary and analysis on the latest legal issues and developments from the world of sport. We cover everything from anti-doping, to ambush marketing, to corporate governance. Alongside our online platform, we also host events for the LawInSport community, including seminars, conferences and networking events. We advertise sports law practices, professional and academic courses and job vacancies in the sector. We also provide consultancy and training on social media, digital publishing, events management and the sports law industry (trends, career development, etc).

Our events and materials are utilised by a spectrum of stakeholders, including by governments and sports federations in developing their sports policies and regulations; lawyers in their professional development; sports executives and administrators in their day to day roles; leading counsel in their legal submissions at disciplinary disputes in bodies including the Court of Arbitration for Sport; and mainstream media outlets such as the BBC, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Associated Press, CNN and The Telegraph, who regularly reference us and contact us for comment.

We peer-review all of our articles to ensure they are factually and legally accurate, informative, engaging, and enjoyable to read. Perhaps most importantly, we maintain our neutrality by segregating our editorial and commercial streams, which means that we never have to compromise on our editorial integrity.

At the heart of what we do is to make the law and sports regulation, which is often complex and inaccessible, accessible to everyone who has an interest in sport without compromising on academic rigour. By helping to disseminate vital knowledge and leading opinions on matters of law, we play a key role in the development of domestic and international sports law policy and regulation.

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