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Sports Features Communications® (SFC) is a US-founded media corporation targeted to an international sports audience with special reference to the Olympic Movement and elite sports.

Since the launch in 2002 as the first news gathering service for breaking Olympic sports headlines, SFC is followed regularly worldwide online and on mobile platforms in over 200 countries. In 2008 SFC began to publish original content about the elite sports movement with special focus on the Games and Olympic host city bidding.

The service was designed specifically to meet the needs of sports officials and media around the globe who must stay on top of the latest information. After many years of working in the high-level sports environment SFC enjoys a proud reputation as a reliable and viable news source.

The Breaking Newswire features 3,000 up-to-the -minute headlines 24/7/365 FREE TO VIEW on the Olympics and elite sport. is tablet and smart phone friendly so you are always just a click away from staying on top of what is happening wherever you are around the world.


The SFCPressPoint is the only press release distribution service targeted to sports media worldwide working in all platforms print, TV, online, radio, photography, blogs and web based. The system covers over 100 sports and its use is fast, easy and cost effective for businesses large and small.

The SFCPressPoint was launched side by side with the website in 2002 as a simple posting board and, through the years, has promoted more than 55,000 press releases. Releases are listed in Google News and numerous other online news systems. SFC PressPoint reaches out to more than 20,000 news sources.

The new advanced system is complete with enhancements for social media and will be taking the service to new levels to stay on top of the latest technology for the widest possible diffusion.

3-D Info

SFC offers a three-dimensional view to the news as readers receive breaking headlines from more than 42,000 worldwide news sources, SFC original content, and releases and information from the sports organizations directly themselves in SFCPressPoint.

Readers get the whole picture.

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