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Finland – For the Love of Sport

By its very nature, sport is about participation. Winter or summer sports, Finns know how to organize successful world-class events at which people participate whole heartedly and with complete dedication. Finnish host cities have a wealth of experience in hosting international sport events and congresses. Annually more than 20 major international sporting events are organized in Finland.

As a gateway between East and West, Finland invites and unites people through sport. Finland’s unique location, green and abundant nature, modern facilities, combined with innovative technology and passionate sports experts, makes it an ideal place to organize memorable events.

In order to ensure that the best knowledge and experiences are put into action, our role is to connect different stakeholders and to share information and best practices within the Finnish and international network. We build bridges between sports federations, host cities, event organiser, and other entities. Our international network is wide and as a gateway between East and West, we invite and unite people through sport.

Our main city partners are Lahti, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Turku, Helsinki and Tampere. Our aim is to ensure that Finland will be known and remembered as an ideal place to organize memorable sporting events. Finland is where sport beats from the heart. Together with our partners we create events with a soul. 

Address: Valimotie 10, 00380 Helsinki - FIN 

Phone: +358 50 522 6257




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