SportAccord Convention has partnered with Sport Event Denmark to share discussions, decisions and announcements from this year's SportAccord Convention exhibition floor via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. 

In Québec City SportAccord Convention will celebrate 10 years of providing a high profile networking platform for sporting leaders from around the world. Networking and networks are fundamental for good discussions, sharing opinions and reflecting on events and activities gone by. Sport Event Denmark has been a valuable long-term partner for SportAccord Convention, having a presence every year since the first edition in 2003, Madrid. Building a reputation as a fantastic and innovative host of sports events, Gold Partner Sport Event Denmark is well positioned to help share the 10 years of discussions on sport, via social media, that will take place in Québec City, Canada from 20 - 25 May.

Social media buzz is one way of sharing and discussing and the partnership with Sport Event Denmark will ensure that SportAccord Convention, or #SACon for short, will walk the talk.

Video interviews with sporting leaders and delegates will be recorded from the Sport Event Denmark exhibition stand, which will be a working studio and posted on social media - in order to spread and share the valuable knowledge and thoughts that #SACon is sure to present. Delegates are invited to visit the Sport Event Denmark exhibition stand to share views and link up in the digital space.

Anna Hellman commented "SportAccord Convention is already using social media to engage with people, to communicate our news and we will be using it during the Convention to communicate the important decisions and announcements that will be made during the event. We warmly welcome this partnership with Sport Event Denmark, a first mover in the use of social media to help market the events they host, to ensure that the debate and discussion at the convention is available to as many people interested in the world of sport as possible."

Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark, says: "It has become quite common for sports event organisations to incorporate digital media in their overall business plan. Digital media is able to provide the fastest, easiest, most cost-efficient way to distribute information and/or create awareness for events. Sport Event Denmark uses a variety of digital tools after the event to post information from the events for the benefit of the fans and spectators. This approach stems from Sport Event Denmark's philosophy of operating in close co-operation with the event rights holder, the local organising committee and the host city, from the vital bidding process to the careful planning and marketing, until the event is successfully delivered. Compared with traditional marketing, digital media is extremely cost-effective, as Sport Event Denmark will show at #SACon: all it takes is a small video camera and access to the Internet"

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