The World Archery Federation is a new name on the delegate list at SportAccord Convention this year.

The IF, which was previously known as FITA, adopted the fresh moniker in April as part of a broad rebranding designed to maximise the global recognition and commercial appeal of archery.

"It's all come from a strategic plan that started in 2007," World Archery Federation secretary general Tom Dielen said.

"We wanted to get away from the use of an acronym [FITA] that, unless you were part of the archery family, wouldn't mean anything to you.
"In terms of our new logo, we wanted something modern that would be more attractive to young people. It is a shift away from the static part of the sport [the target face] to the dynamic part, which is the arrow.

"At the same time we are also in the process of encouraging the rebranding of continental organisations, so they are in line with the World Archery Federation, over the next few years."
It's a big year for archery, which will be staged in arguably the most iconic venue at the London 2012 Olympic Games - the world-famous Lord's cricket ground.

"Having archery at Lord's is a great opportunity," Dielen added. "Lord's also reflects what we are trying to do with archery; the venue has such heritage, but it also has a spectacular modern media centre. We want to enjoy the heritage of archery but explore modern ideas." 
The World Archery Federation is expecting 50,000 unique visitors to its website per day during the London Olympics, but Dielen is already targeting initiatives for the 2016 Rio Games.

"Electronic scoring will continue to develop through to Rio and we will also be looking at introducing monitors that show the competitors' heart rates, as well as other things," he added. "We want to bring the spectators that don't participate in archery closer to the sport.