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Past SportAccord Convention speaker Dick Ebersol, who was head of NBC Sports and is now a consultant for the network, told USA Today that NBC’s style of packaging the Games as entertainment is necessary to get big audiences. "People talk about how we should treat this like sports? You know, we're getting an 18 rating some nights. Do you know what rating we would get if this was not under the banner of the Olympics? We'd be lucky to get a 1 rating for some of these sports"

ESPN Star Sports has extended its deal to carry the FIM Superbike World Championship across Asia until 2018. The agreement with and Infront Sports & Media includes pay-TV rights in addition to free-to-air broadcast in most markets

Fox International Channels has acquired a 51% stake in the company that manages Dutch league football rights, Eredivisie Media & Marketing CV (EMM)... New US broadcast industry research shows ratings for Olympic coverage in an athlete’s hometown are beating national levels when he or she wins a medal.