LAUSANNE, Switzerland - SportAccord Convention is delighted to announce a new Silver Partnership with the Qatar Olympic Committee, who will power the Recharging Zone at the event in Saint Petersburg, Russia, May 26-31, 2013. 
The partnership comes as Qatar enjoys unprecedented recognition in the sports industry and continues to host major sporting competitions as it looks to make Qatar a global sporting hub.

"The QOC has a long-established relationship with SportAccord Convention and this Silver Partnership will assist Qatar to develop its relationships with International Federations , whilst continuing to build an impressive event portfolio over the coming years," said Nis Hatt, SportAccord Convention, Managing Director. 

Located on the Arabian Peninsula's East Coast, Qatar - a country spanning 4,427 square miles - is already hosting a number of leading sporting events, including:

FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2014
IHF Men's Handball World Championships 2015
UCI Men's Cycling World Championship 2016
2022 FIFA World Cup 

Through various organisations, including; the Qatar Olympic Committee, sports federations, the Aspire Zone Foundation, and other strategic alliances, Qatar continues to invest heavily in sport to improve facilities, develop athletes, host international competitions and promote the benefits of sport and physical activity.

"The Qatar Olympic Committee is delighted to partner with SportAccord Convention, and looks forward to creating a partnership that will result in key decision makers engaging to discuss the major topics affecting the development of the global sports industry," said Fisal Al Mansoori, Director of Public Relation and Marketing at Qatar Olympic Committee.

"Qatar has set its sights on becoming a leading nation in bringing the world together through sport, and partnering with SportAccord Convention to develop their Recharging Zone will undoubtedly further this objective."

The Qatar Olympic Committee is the sixth and final Silver Partner joining Aggreko, Australia Trade Commission, Edmonton Events, Eurosport, and Event Scotland for SportAccord Convention, which is taking place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, May 26th to 31st, 2013.