International Federation (IF) Forum 2020

This year’s International Federation (IF) Forum will take place on 4-5 November 2020 (Wednesday-Thursday) at the Hotel Royal Savoy here in Lausanne. The 14th edition of the IF Forum will be a great event, offering three days of targeted thematic sessions designed to be of specific value to the International Sport Federations' in attendance.

The International Federation (IF) Forum 2020 will explore how sport and society can emerge stronger from a global crisis when the global sporting community gathers. Experts will discuss strategies to drive the recovery of sport following the Covid-19 pandemic whilst establishing game plans that sports leaders can put in place to mitigate challenges that may arise from possible unforeseen disruptions in the future. 
Topics that will be debated will include crisis management, scenario planning, how to limit risk from a legal and financial perspective, law-related commercial considerations for IFs and how to stay connected and reassure athletes, fans and stakeholders in times of adversity
If you would like to learn more about the IF Forum, download the brochure here
Please note that the IF Forum is not open to the public or press/media, with invite-only attendees consisting of International Sport Federations, Speakers and exclusive Official IF Forum Partners who can register here.