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Since Kobe  retired , the era of digitally named kobe signature shoes series has been also come to an end, but Nike brought the kobe a.d series to us ,which  has been updated at some new types shoes since from 2016.

The Kobe ad nxt 360 bring a new flyknit weaving technology and new concept this time.What does the newly released kobe ad exodus carry? What is performance of this shoes?

Nike Kobe A D 2018 1


The overall shape of the shoe is followed the last Kobe signature shoes, but it does not use the Flyknit woven material this time. Instead, it uses a conventional neoprene material which through the tongue and the shoes together. This can provide better stability and wrapping while demonstrating the elasticity and flexibility of the upper. The Kobe series has always pursued stability and lightweight .

Nike Kobe A D 2018 2

It looks like this latest Kobe AD shares a similar material build to the Nike PG series; it uses mesh in the toe with synthetic suede or nubuck in the rear.However  the upper material does not use a more stretchy flyknit, but it used the suede covers most of the sneakers. If that ends up being the case then these would end up being one of the nicer builds of the Kobe modern lineup of performance basketball sneakers.

The forefoot part uses a breathable mesh structure with a heat welded fuse, but the area of reinforcement on the outside of the toe is too small.So we can not felt more space for the toe part.

Nike Kobe A D 2018 3


In order to enhance the protection of the tibial part of the foot, the kobe ad exodus uses a TPU heat welded form which like the Irving 3.

The shoes divide the upper into 3 parts and each part. Also separated by large area heat welded


Nike Kobe A D 2018 4

Nike Kobe A D 2018 5


The thin upper and the midsole only use the air cushion on the back of the sole, which makes the weight of the kobe ad exodus flexibility . The size of us 8 sneaker is about 365g.Maybe the material also the lightweight.

Nike Kobe A D 2018 6


The sneakers used the traction pattern  like the NEXT 360 , but is not a full-area grain pattern. The outer side of the forefoot is almost free of rubbing, which makes it at some angles during the emergency stop test. so it will be more slide . Especially for the outside court, it is will be slide .

Nike Kobe A D 2018 7


We can see the details :

Nike Kobe A D 2018 8

Nike Kobe A D 2018 9

The overall grip  is nice .On dirty courts, the shoe tends to be the kick it spot for dust; a legit dust party was happening underneath my Kobe AD, which caused some ice skating here and there. Dust will still stick, and some wiping will need to occur, but it will be very minimal. Don’t expect this traction to be Kobe 9 good because you will be disappointed.


Nike Kobe A D 2018 10


For the Cushioning , Because of the huge cage zoom of the KOBE AD , the cushion of the pair of sneakers is good. You get a drop-in midsole that features Lunarlon foam along outer edge for structure and support. Plush React foam is used at the center of the midsole for that feel-good softness.Because the cage zooms, so we will felt more great cushioning part .The impact protection is there, the court feel is there — the stuff is just amazing.

Nike Kobe A D 2018 11


For the grip, the forefoot of cushion does not provide good protection, and the stretch of the tongue is also worse than most of knitted fabric sneakers of other brand. But the heel part is nice for the supporting . In the change of direction, the heel part has been protecting the ankle. Although there is no guarantee that the shoes have built-in anti-rotation piece.But the torsion affection is nice .


Nike Kobe A D 2018 12

Here is the pic true as below  that tested .

Nike Kobe A D 2018 13

The cushion stiffens up a bit, so I don’t sink into to the midsole, and becomes a bit more bouncy. This thin material is so durable and supportive it’s mind boggling because it’s like nothing is there.


Nike Kobe A D 2018 15

Traction looks very similar to the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 so let’s hope it’s more durable.

Nike Kobe A D 2018 14

Overall, Kobe AD  Exodus is a nice configuration with a unique look .Especial for the colorway , it is look cool. The cushioning also great with a huge cage zoom cushion , we can felt more feedback and responsive . and the material is lightweight  ,also most of fans  will be focus on the Mamba spirit.

nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | Jordan CP3.XI Performance Review

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With the Paul join the Houston Rockets the rocket  has  been a  great changed  compare with three year ago, also Paul got the great performance in the game .The Jordan CP3.XI, this shoe have been a great surprise in this game, also Chris Paul’s latest signature model.

So how is the performance review ? We will check it today .

lebron soldiers black and peach

The CP3 .11 dressed in all White across the uppers. The highlight of this design is the Black and Red strap across the sneaker, which contrasts the rest.


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It also  feature CP3 branding on the heel and tongue as well as Texas flag themed insoles. This brand new model will sit on a White outsole to finish off the look.


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The  particularly eye-catching is  Paul’s personal logo. The right shoe’s tongue is the Jumpman logo.

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Red strap across the sneaker ,and there are 3 hole on the sneakers, then the red jumpmen logo also attracted a lot  people

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There is the best disappointed that the strap limited bent in the normal way, sometimes we will feel there is  not the enough space for playing .

lebron soldiers black and peach nike free rn 2017 boys grade school schedule

For the material : The CP3 used the a leather and engineering mesh fabric stitching shoe upper, it is totally different the last version— suede or nubuck ends up, for this version ‘HOME’ feeling like felt with a stiff backing, which nice  for breathability but is suck for containment. The heel is a nice synthetic leather and adds a little touch of class in the back. so the  supporting is great .

Although the forefoot leather material performs well in sports support, it has almost zero  on the ventilation and heat dissipation. There is no problem in everyday , but on the court, it feels very hot in the confrontation of large amounts of exercise.

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CP11’s upper straps also cause some discomfort after the heel . Since the straps is a little hard, it is difficult to cause deformations when the straps are bent. When the straps are worn for the first time, there will be a noticeable gripping sensation. However, after a certain period of time, the grip feeling will be significantly changed .

nike zoom victory elite grey and yellow blue eyes

nike air jordan 4 pure black

For the traction :  This is a translucent rubber and it’s fairly soft.But herringbone forefoot is almost always a good idea, and the Jordan CP3.XI has that in spades. The tread is multidirectional across the main part of the pattern and broken up at the toe-off area.if we play longer , I will feel a slight wear on the inside of the forefoot.But it is different compare with the “Rocket Fuel”.  The pattern is wide but the grooves are fairly shallow, so dust collection did become an issue after a few trips down the court. However, it was nothing a quick wipe couldn’t handle.

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nike air jordan 4 pure black

Zoom Air, with a full-shoulder Phylon midsole for the CP3, The cushioning ability of the previous two generations of CP3.IX and CP3.X’s forefoot  have been not good enough, But the CP3 XI increase in the balance of the foot air cushion .nike air force with stickers and decals for women nike air jordan classic 90 retro women shoes sale

Heel and forefoot Zoom Air encased in a soft Phylon midsole.We can clearly feel the shoe’s sense of being wrapped in the feet, so it will be slightly smaller in size. if  you are a wilder foot, maybe you choose  over half size for the shoes.With the strap design of the upper, it provides additional protection feeling. During  the game, I felt that the CP11 fits his feet very well. No matter whether it is a dribble or a breakthrough, the feeling is smooth and not dragged.

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The texture of the outsole from the  Velcro patch to the arch of the arch becomes denser and thinner. The increase in the area of texture also allows the shoe to have more ground contact opportunities in actual combat, and can be provided from multiple grip.

nike metcon 2 heel drop blackcheap air jordan for kids 4

For the supporting , it is great . The leather and mesh cloth uppers are superior in the woven or mesh uppers, in addition , the heel also has a rigid TPU surrounding the support plate, so the CP11 is absolutely capable of supporting performance. you can moves what you want. not only  the upper material, the bottom of the strap is help a lot, it able to provide a stable support effect from the side of the force of the foot.

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The CP3 .11 used the  air cushions of the ZOOM AIR ,it  can be considered very useful for the ordinary combat party. Therefore, the cushioning performance is also quite outstanding.

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CP11’s  cushioning performance at the time of falling is particularly noticeable,  it can be effectively alleviated. At the same time, the air cushion can provide a quick rebound in the moment you start the depression, so that the start is more smooth.The Phylon midsole encases the units, and while this is normally a bad thing, the midsole seems softer than previous models and similar to the Cushlon used in the Kyrie 4. if you like the kyrie 4, maybe this one also a great option.

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“Guard” shoe the CP3.XI holds it down in the support and stability category. So you can feel a great supporting .

nike kobe gold yellow color background black pink

Overall, the CP3.XI takes it back to what we all used to believe in: performance engineered for the greatest athletes.  it is a nice guard shoes ,cushioning that is stable but provides great impact protection, and a supportive, I feel it great for the performance , I do better in the court with the CP3XI.

nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | Nike LeBron Soldier 12 Performance Review

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As the current king of the NBA, LeBron James always has to be ready for a war in the NBA Playoffs.LeBron James and Nike are ready to add another iteration to their less expensive “Soldier” series by way of the Nike LeBron Soldier 12.  So the newest pair of his Solider 12s are up to the arduous task of defending his championship.For me , I  am so luck got one .

Today we will test it .


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 1

Looking at Nike’s combat shoes collection, PG2 is a feeling of  “not as stunning as a generation,” and the Kyrie series has also been complain for the cushioning . Even the  Hyperdunk  2015 also has been cold-shoulder, The  KD9’s “broken tube”  has  been  dislike … However the Nike LeBron Soldier  has been popular .

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 2

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 3


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 design is simply but nice.Since the Soldier 10, the Swoosh has stripped this subsidiary of the King’s signature line of its laces, and that is no different for its 12th installment.For the Nike LeBron Soldier 12 , the material is comfortable , it is used the Battleknit upper which will be better the last version . The Soldier 11 replaces the ballistic nylon with a more luxurious nubuck mudguard. This gives a similar feel but adds a little more weight to the equation.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 “Hazel Rush” colorway  , it utilizes two overlapping straps for lockdown as well as a velcro strip on its heel for the ultimate fit. Black mesh makes up for the majority of its upper while woodland camouflage overlays can be found on the toe and the heel.Compare with the LeBron 15, the Lebron 12  was update for the material, it will be wider and the strap also update too. The new strap design is also a bit of a classic shoe Nike zoom Raid’s shadow.


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 4

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 5

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 6

At the same time, the midsole design followed previous shoes . The midsole design of the sneakers is somewhat like a warrior 9, while the outsole looks a bit like a warrior 11. In terms of configuration, Warrior 12 uses a consistent front and back palm partition type air cushion.


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 7

We can still see the air cushion, and the big background is a more , which is also a lot deeper than the 10 and 11 version. Although there is still to be confirmed for the grip, but the depth of the lines, hardness and XDR logo on the shoes.It was only bad in one single spot under the ball of the foot.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 8

For the traction , the grip is well , but it is different compare with  the  last 15.  It work well,  when I’d plant in that section while changing direction or curling , I can do whatever in the court ,but a little slip ,causing a delay in my movement, which in turn caused me to second guess even making the same move again.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 9

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 10

The comfort of the sneakers’ comfort is mainly due to the Battleknit upper, which is almost indistinguishable from LeBron 15. Note that what we are saying here is “almost nothing.”


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 12

A gum outsole and large “Zoom” midsole branding finish off the shoe’s combat-ready look.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 13

For the material , it is used Battleknit, but  compared to LeBron 15, you can squeeze out a thin layer of large mesh filler between the woven upper and the inner lining. Although the stretchability of the knitted uppers of the fighters 12 is good enough to control , the uppers of the sneakers are also “converging” while being weight-light and thin due to the limitations of the inner lining cloth and the filler.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 15


As we have mentioned before, good enough cushioning performance results in the loss of durability on the midsole. At the same time, the anti-twist of the shoes is also due to  thickness of the built-in TPU, the density of the midsole of the shoes is reduced, and the structure of the front and back soles independently allows the resistance of the shoes to be reversed. This kind of heavy stability gives rise to a bit of suspicion: Although the cushioning has been strengthened, is the lack of stability really a “worthy loss”?

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 16

For the supporting ,it is has been slightly modified and improved upon since the Soldier 11  is the support. we have to speak the strap  design that it easy to lockdown feet , it will be more  stability of the pair of shoes when you playing .However, the straps of the shoes need to be adjusted several times if you quick move. It is easy to tighten the straps and it is easy to loosen the straps in actual combat. Please pay more attention to this.


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 19

Overall, Pairs are expected to hit shelves for the first time on April 19th with a reasonable $130 price tag,but it  worth it  with black mesh makes up for the majority of its upper while woodland camouflage overlays . the cushioning is nice and the supporting is great .


nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | adidas CrazyLight 2018 Performance Review

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Have you found that CrazyLight Boost have been not released the new one in the 2017 .

Although Crazy Explosive launched high-top models and PK versions, it has a very high reputation in the market. At the same time, Rose 8’s  is indeed more popular then the Crazy Explosive . But many people who cross CrazyLight Boost 2016 still look forward to the arrival of CrazyLight 2017, but finally they were completely disappointed,However there is the version of CrazyLight 2018.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 1

Since CrazyLight 2016 released , the word “Light” has become less and less important in sneaker world  (although CrazyLight 2018 is actually lighter in adidas  shoes for almost a year), players are more need for protective and wrapped. Sexual demand also makes adidas pay more attention to the performance of shoes, be regarded as abandoning the original intention of the series “light to fast”.  this time CrazyLight 2018 uses a thicker mesh on the upper and adds a glial coating to the parts that need to be reinforced – the strap attachment section and the forefoot collision zone. At the heel, the shoes were equipped with a rubber covering module with a wide coverage but a high degree of generality. Although CrazyLight 2016’s TPU module and Primeknit upper were discarded, which making the shoes more of a “cheap sense”, but this also to some extent control the cost of shoes.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 2

The CrazyLight 2018 uses full-length  Boost, and adds an external coating on the forefoot to prevent excessive Boost deformation. also there is interval TPU board in the middle of Boost and outsole guarantees torsion, seems it the same  with Rose 8.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 3

For the traction ,The Crazylight Boost 2018 used the nice pattern which   follows the CLB16, with varying shapes and groove spacing, but it is solid, thick, and durable. The prominent part of the forefoot outside plays a role in anti-twisting, we can feel the stops are harsh and quick, to the point it almost makes your foot roll over the footbed.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 4



adidas Crazy Light 2018 5

adidas Crazy Light 2018 6

adidas Crazy Light 2018 7

For the cushioning : Full-length Boost  is never dispointed ,The midsole, at least in the heel, also borders on UltraBoost compression, which leads to instability if you are a heavy heel-striker on landings and plants for jumps. adidas countered this slightly by raising the outsole rubber around the lower half of the Boost to provide some slight containment.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 8

adidas Crazy Light 2018 9

The CrazyLight 2018 does not have such a large material density.  I even suspected that I was wearing my own UltraBoost in the court. However, this “unprofessional” Boost also caused me to feel sore feet after an hour of game, and I also felt a slight delay in starting.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 10

CrazyLight 2018 uses the mesh material also the forefoot midsole is not enough. After tying the shoelaces, the sneaker’s wrap performance allows you to immediately feel like a sock-like tightness.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 11

adidas Crazy Light 2018 13

The TPU outsole of the shoes is very powerful because of its large area, and the resistance of the shoes is very strong. It is difficult for us to twist the CrazyLight 2018. In order to ensure the stability of the midsole, the addition of shoes to the TPU or overlying modules has kept the stability of the midsole of the shoes.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 14

However, the stability of the shoe is not great . Because of uppers material  and the softness of the texture, even with the addition of a support band, we can see that the forefoot uppers of the shoes in the emergency stop will be great deformation. At the same time, the heel of the shoes has a lack of protection part  because of the colloidal module, which the stability is also reduced.

adidas Crazy Light 2018 15

Overall, The lower price of CrazyLight 2018 allows you to enjoy the perfect cushioning of full-boost Boost (I think of Rose Englewood Boost with 3/4  Boost had the lower price ), and the softer feel makes you feel different from other Technology comfortable foot feeling. But the shoe’s upper support and heel stability will be a headache, and the abrasion of the shoes makes it difficult to use as a field shoe.
We recommend these two CrazyLight 2018 breakthrough less, pitching and shooting and other small-scale movements and focus on pitching pitcher. We believe that it will surely be able to provide excellent cushioning and instant action. A good grip that stops immediately will be an excellent weapon in your actual combat.

nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | Nike Epic React Flyknit Performance Review

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In 2013, Adidas released a running shoe equipped with new booster cushioning technology. As  the lightweight material  , there are a lot of competitors : Nike LUNARLON,PUMA,Li Ningyun.
Now the BOOST will be popular in recent years, LUNARLON is also will be attraction by Nike, and IGNITE has always been a style of  niche.
In this situation of sneakers development, Nike has finally released Nike Epic React Flyknit which a running shoe based on React technology.
REACT is Nike’s new shoes with new  technology introduced in 2017. Because it is also lightweight material

The Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe provides crazy comfort that lasts as long as you can run. Its Nike React foam cushioning is responsive yet lightweight, durable yet soft. This attraction of opposites creates a sensation that not only enhances the feeling of moving forward, but makes running feel fun, too.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 1

Runners asked for one shoe that could do it all: offer more cushion from the impact of each stride, give them the energy return needed to stay fresh late in a run, feel light underfoot and also be able to withstand wear and tear of impact and elements run after run. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

But compare with the BOOST tech ,which is the best ,let’s start a comparative test on two materials REACT and BOOST .

In order to avoid the impact of the shoe lining cloth on the test, we chose to drop the steel ball on the midsole on the side of the shoe.
Experiment settings:
1, The starting height of steel ball  is 50cm
2, In order to reduce chance, 10 times for each material, then take the average
3, The scale on the transparent tube is 5cm for each major cell.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 3 Nike Epic React Flyknit 4


Experimental results:
1. The average rebound height of the first ball in the REACT is about 15cm. The second rebound height is about 5cm.  The rebound force is basically lost after the three times
2, In the BOOST material, the ball rebound height is about 20cm for the first time, then about 10cm for the second time , then about 5cm for the third time, last is about  2.5cm height for the bounce.


Nike Epic React Flyknit 5

Second, squeeze steel ball experiment.

This experiment is very simple,just put the ball between two shoes under the same pressure to see who is more soft.
Experimental results:
Obviously, under the same pressure, the shape changes  by the BOOST material are large, indicating that BOOST is softer.
One thing needs to be explained: Since there is no rubber layer in the REACT midsole, the steel ball directly acts on the REACT, while the BOOST has a rubber outsole, and there is a layer of rubber between the steel ball and the BOOST. Nevertheless, the boost performance is still softer. Nike Epic React Flyknit 6 Nike Epic React Flyknit 7


From the above two experiments, it can be seen that BOOST leads the REACT greatly in terms of resilience or softness, but according to the data in the first experiment, we see that: BOOST rebound height is evenly diminishing, and 50- 20-10-5-2.5, except that the initial height is 1 to 0.4 compared to the first rebound height, and the rest is almost stable at 1 to 0.5. React’s rebound value is always maintained at 1 to 0.3. What does this mean? At first glance, it seems that BOOST has completely exploded REACT, but it is not. This shows that the limit feedback of boost is 1 to 0.5. As the pressure increases, it rebounds. The ratio will gradually decrease. That is, if you increase the starting height of the steel ball to 1 meter, the rebound on BOOST will not exceed 0.4 meters, the ratio will be less than 0.4, and  REACT ‘s first rebound height and start ratio of the height is 0.3, and the ratio of the second rebound height to the first rebound height is also close to 0.3, which shows that when the pressure is greater, the ratio does not significantly attenuate. Thus, we imagine that if the ball is given a higher at the beginning, the rebound of REACT and BOOST materials will become closer and closer, even by REACT. Of course, this is only an imaginary. Since the length of the transparent tube is only 50cm, it is impossible to measure each of these thresholds.
All in all, what conclusions?  BOOST is strong, REACT is stronger  as long as you give it enough pressure it may exceed BOOST.



Nike Epic React Flyknit 8

The one-piece Nike Flyknit bootie was precision-engineered for support, flexibility and breathability.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 6 1

After test, the size EUR 42.5  of shoes weigh only 219 grams, and the lightweight design is excellent. It is lighter than the  ub1.0 and nmd.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 9

For the supporting : There are support patches and tpu cups at the heel, but it is not too hard to provide basic protection and support. In addition, the entire heel extension protrudes nearly 1cm, making the heel thicker and heavier, theoretically enhancing stability.The designers extended the midsole beyond the perimeter of its upper around the heel to provide both the cushioning runners want and the stability they need.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 10 Nike Epic React Flyknit 11

For the traction ,it used the great rubber to protection in the forefoot a and the REACT material is great. the bounce is nice .we can feel more comfortable.Nike Epic React Flyknit 12 Nike Epic React Flyknit 12

There are more details as below : Nike Epic React Flyknit 13 Nike Epic React Flyknit 14 Nike Epic React Flyknit 20 This method allowed for engineering the surface of the midsole to deliver cushioning and support in the specific spots needed during a run, while eliminating material wherever it’s not absolutely necessary in order to keep weight to a minimum.  Nike Epic React Flyknit 23

For the material ,it is used the mesh with Nike Flyknit bootie (which takes cues from the Nike Flyknit Racer) that was precision-engineered for support, flexibility and breathability in the spots where runners need it.Nike Epic React Flyknit 24 Nike Epic React Flyknit 25 Nike Epic React Flyknit 26


After running, the deformity of the heel is more obvious and it brings a wonderful sense of road. This sense of road is more stable than BOOST. For me,  you will feel better than walking. BOOST will be harder, but if you put on it, you will feel that the softness is very close to BOOST, REACT will give you a  reliable force feedback when you running.


Nike Epic React Flyknit 27

As so far, I ran with REACT running shoes twice: once on a standard track and field  at a speed of 5 kilometers, and once on a regular asphalt road at the speed of 10 kilometers. ( there are luminous warnings at the heel of the shoes)Nike Epic React Flyknit 30

Through the 15 km different road test, I drew the above picture to describe my feeling what is the feedback:REACT cushioning and force feedback Strong,then the Boost is strong too.


Nike Epic React Flyknit 31 Nike Epic React Flyknit 32

Overall , When I got this pair of shoes, I was still a little disappointed. Because the shoes looked too simple, and there were no better then Jordan shoes.But it is nice after running .

The grip of this pair of shoes is nice. The Flyknit upper is quite elastic
Comfort and excellent,the outsole is essentially and nice ,the cushioning is nice too. The Nike Epic React Flyknit  is nice .Dont miss it .

nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | Nike Kobe 11 Performance Review

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Kobe Bryant’s latest signature sneaker featuring refined elements, a sleek design, and an homage to the Mamba Mentality despite Kobe retiring after 20 incredible NBA seasons. That hasn’t stopped Nike Basketball from creating more awesome Nike Kobe 11 colorways though, as we’ve already been treated to a preview of his upcoming Kobe 11 Christmas and more to hold us over until the Black Mamba’s latest signature, For me , it is nice ,I will share with you this shoe.

nike shox with crystals and blood test chart

For the material,  FlyKnit was put into used, and it’s approximately carried out entirely for this time. It’s not raw FlyKnit. Not infusing with the glue either, they threaded TPU strands — kind of like the fishing line as far as I’m concerned — all the way through the knit. This gives the flexibility a platform that one anticipates from FlyKnit, but provides numerous structure and support as well. Without any doubt, this will bring about lots of the advantages accompanied with the disadvantages, what’s the most important thing is the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

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The pros: less stretch, more construction, therefore it can provide more support for us, and toughness. The cons: you might be unable to find the mutual fit that FlyKnit usually provides. In any case you do in the toe. Midfoot was completely fine.

As we might see, Nike do with the upper is making use of the TPU strands a bit more deliberately. Rather than placing the TPU all over the place, it should have been put into practiced more intentionally — high-wear areas, zones where requires less stretch for the material, etc. By doing so, I’m aware of the FlyKnit could have felt more like FlyKnit in some particular areas — the toe box for example — yet still offer lateral support upon cuts and changes in direction.

nike jordan orange neon shoes girls boots

The midfoot fits completely, and the tongue feels amazing when tied up tightly. However, there are no pressure points or hot spots to point out. They don’t feel like it on-foot, because they are really low cut. They feel more protected than some mids or highs that are at present  putting on the market. Yeah, I’m looking at you Hyperdunk 2015.


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The midfoot fits completely, and the tongue feels amazing when tied up tightly. However, there are no pressure points or hot spots to point out. They don’t feel like it on-foot, because they are really low cut. They feel more protected than some mids or highs that are at present  putting on the market. Yeah, I’m looking at you Hyperdunk 2015.

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For the supporting ,As a result of the fit and structured Flyknit, what they offer is quite a bit of support coming up with the upper. The heel inside counter works completely, and the shoes sit almost to the ground. Therefore, you probably will always have a feel of solid court, which helps make full use of your natural ability to become stable. The outsole is flat and features two outstanding outriggers to help prevent you from inclining over when you lose your balance by accident.

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Overall ,The Kobe 11, their traction is just a little too incompatible. It doesn’t make me feel well all the time as the feel varies from time to time.



nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | Nike Kobe XI Elite Low Performance Review—Kobe’s Last and Greatest On Court Sneaker

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The 2016 season is Kobe’s farewell tour. It’s been sad seeing Kobe only be a shell of his former self but as they say on Inside The NBA , Father Time is undefeated.As the last shoe Kobe will ever lace up in his professional career, we truly hope he exits the shoe game with the same amount of praise he’s been receiving from NBA fans everywhere throughout his farewell tour.

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“The extreme flexibility of the shoe itself compliments the quality outsole in allowing for a complete range of extreme and rapid motions”that is right.

nike mag lightening shoes walmart

For the traction : The traction pattern is great ,it is used the great rubber that super tight so any dust clogs up the grooves so essentially the whole outsole turns into a dusty hover board.  I like it very much .The flex groove in the middle stays relatively clean so it grabs on slightly but I try to stop with the outermost portion on lateral side so that flex groove doesn’t help a whole lot. And the grip is nice.

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We can see the Nike ZOOM unit  in the traction , for this part , I  have to say it is amazing .Nike moved away from the fixed insole of the X and went back to the drop in. This year, the insoles features full length Lunarlon with Zoom in the heel. Thankfully they lined the insole this time. This exact setup of a Lunar forefoot and Zoom heel was last seen in the Kobe IV, which up until now has been my favorite Kobe sneaker of all time.  A full-length Zoom rather than only in the heel, you’re in luck. NIKEiD not only allows you to customize colors and materials, it also gives you the option to choose between a soft cushioned Lunarlon, a precision heel Zoom, and a responsive full-length Zoom. That is great.

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For the material : With the addition of pearlescent Thermoplastic Polyurethane Yarn (TPU) intertwined within the Flyknit thread, Nike once again pushes the boundaries of innovation even further in creating a stronger and more supportive material for high performance activity, all the while retaining its lightweight and responsive air sole popped on back pain

The story of the upper is the Flyknit infused with what looks like fishing line (TPU). The purpose of interweaving TPU is to give the upper strength without making it stiffer with glue backing like the previous Elite models. we can see more details as below nike air jordan 4 yeezy custom dress

For supporting  : There is no midfoot shank and pretty much no midfoot support since the show itself is a flexible shell and the insole is just foam. The raised medial side provides a little support if you overpronate but not much. so if you need more supporting ,this is not the best one .


nike air jordan retro 95

For the cushioning : Eric Avar and the team at Nike has successfully created a high performance sneaker that on one hand is extremely innovative and highly technical, but yet still manages to fit the minimal build with its aesthetics and design. so for the cushioning , it is the best part that I loved I felt Nike pretty much mailed this one in from a design standpoint which is disappointing since this is the last shoe we will see him in. I personally like the X more than the 8/9 but If you loved the Kobe 8 and 9, you’ll love the XI as long as you’re on a clean floor. It plays like a lower to the ground, foot hugging 9 more than anything else.

air jordan 10 venom

Overall, Kobe XI Elite Low is perfect…the best part is  cushioning , and great  traction and upper . that is enough for me just the saying “After performing a series of drills and tests including defensive slides, jab steps, layups, and missed dunks, I can confirm the XIs feel very secure all the way around.” it is nice .

nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | Nike Air More Money Lny QS Performance Review

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NIKE  integrate the AIR MONEYHE  and AIR MORE UPTEMPO together,released a new shoe – AIR MORE MONEY, the biggest highlight of the shoes is the national currencies as the color theme.  Nike released this AIR MORE MONEY LNY QS “Lucky Fortune” in the Chinese New Year’s Day five “God of Wealth”.Let us look at the details of this color


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chocolate nike air force 1 shoes black

harga nike roshe run flyknit midnight fog

nike air max 2015 ireland site nike air max zoom black friday women

For the box ,it is nothing free 3.0 women aqua blue color code html

For the weight :for the size US 10.5/44.5, it just have  527.9g

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There are the info of details.:light blue nike elite bookbag black and gold


nike air max 97 light bone diffused taupe paint nike presto extreme orange light

the thickness of insole …. it is nice nike dunk low pink confetti dress code 2017

the length of insole of size 10 roshe nike shoes black and white gold blue dial

Black insoles, gold SWOOSH LOGOnike zoom victory elite grey and yellow blue eyes nike air vortex retro team red blue cross nike air b huarache urban for sale cheap furniture nike sb zoom gray size 6.5 inches chart rainbow nike free run flyknit shopping online


nike air max 97 light bone diffused taupe paint nike huarache qs orange blaze shoes black

we can see the  Chinese character :招财进宝  ,mean wish of making money。nike air max with star on side of head back tattoo nike lunar control 2012 mustang parts list order

For the material : Leather and fabric stitching used ,it nice and perfect ……nike dunk ultra on feet women boots sale on amazon


girls nike huarache run ultra casual shoes sale

for the lave system , it also nice , it can adjust by yourself easily…The laces are connected between the holes. 3M detailing on the laces. nike air max 90 noir rose gold price guide today

For the cushioning  : it is followed the Nike Air More Uptempo.a rubber midsole/outsole. Full -length design and cushion used  , 3M detailing on the laces and heel tab.that is nice .nike air yeezy glow in the dark for kids real authentic jordan retro for sale


black and pink nike jordans for girls boys dresses nike womens torch in leather boots shoes size

there are more details as below : nike presto original noir wine recipe with vinegar

the nike logo with gold is highlight and attraction a lot of people nike womens torch in leather boots shoes size mens gray nike sweatpants shoes boys nike huarache pro mid metal white background blue

For the traction : the forefront as it also provided excellent cushioning with a full-length Air Max bag,and the pattern is nice , the grip is great.

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Overall , AIR MORE MONEY, the overall design is simple,which is a bright spot,and the color of the national currency is more prominent . “Lucky Fortune” and “Qianlong Tongbao” rather Chinese elements, black gold color is more fashion in the winter .

The lace system  playability  and strongly, It followed the  AIR MORE UPTEMPO  with MAX AIR cushion, it is nice

nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | Adidas Harden Vol.2 Performance Review

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The nike a max thea prm ld82 2017 2018 season premiere will be James Harden’s next signature shoe that he will wear during the 2017-18 NBA season. that is the “California Dreamin”  which  will retail for $140 USD.  The first iteration is a nod to Harden’s love for the city of LA. Also  there is the “Ignite” and “Vision.”

nike sb air max burin price in india

Its BOOST midsole is the thickest of its kind that has every appeared on an adidas sneaker, and it will continue to be the most significant design element for this silhouette.It is different compare with last version. The textile midfoot of the Harden Vol. 2 also comes with a new customizable lacing system that joins in on the increasingly popular trend of sneaker customization that has gained traction lately.That is a good new for Adidas air force with stickers and decals for women

For the material :It  like with the first Harden signature, it is likely that premium versions will eventually have  a great change .It with a cross section of the sneaker that different from last version , we see a neoprene-like material bootie that rides high at the tongue area but still maintains a pretty low profile around the ankle.For some Adidas fans , it is nice and great , because the soft material is different Jordan’s .Thick padding is placed at the rear of the sneaker to provide comfort and protection around the achilles.

nike lebron xi boys preschool kids shoes size

For the wrapping : I can feel a very good  then last version, even it a little better than PG1. The heel is filled with foam filling, but it unlike the most sports shoes, for the  Vol.2 , I suggested that the foam can be fill lower part of shoes , because of I can feel the anklebone need more protection when playing . The forefoot wrapped in a sense similar to PG1.Why ? because the most of the parcels that you feel are oppressed from the boost in the foot, it’s a force from the bottom to the top, and we can feel it  very obvious. The advantage is to make up for the loss of the wrapping which is too close to the shoelace hole, but it is also obvious. I guess if you wear a long time, boost resulted in irreversible deformation of the forefoot, the wrapping will be greatly reduced.

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For the ventilation, it is nice . because of the material, so the ventilation is good, plus low shoe type, this will be a pair of shoes that very suitable for the summer. Yes, the color is also amazing .

site nike air max zoom black friday women


Midfoot padding is also placed to maintain comfort when lacing this sneaker tight,and the best part ,I am thinking it the TPU design. It is the TPU thread into the front vamp, but after all, it no other settings, and on lace holes, supporting more general. After tightening the shoelace, there will still be a small gap in the heel. It may be that the TPU doesn’t fit, and a group of customized shoelace holes will be worn down one after another. This problem will be improvedThat cupped Boost midsole would lead you to believe it was more of a difference,the Boost midsole is molded to wrap around the foot.

nike lunar command 2 navy dress for women shoes boys preschool nike air max tavas nike lebron xi boys preschool kids shoes size

For the traction : the  traction of office site’s picture  is the above one , but the actually  one is  the below one . it is a little difference. but I can accept that …

The material of traction is soft , but the grip is nice .

nike air force 2007 premium edition bumblebee nike air pegasus 83 sd grey navy blue hair women dunk frankenstein for sale nike roshe run nm tech fleece fabric by yard

Overall, the  adidas Harden Vol. 2  actually nice , I believed that it will be popular in this summer, the nice colorway and  take the Adidas tech , dont misst it .

nike tiffany dunk hi camp out of shoes for women | Is It Cool For Using Game Elements ?

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Into the 21st century, shoe culture and video games as a new thing has a rapid development, also rapid progress in science and technology, have spawned countless good shoes and game creation. Two seemingly unrelated areas have been his  developed , but can be presented as a combination of the two cultures. Many of them are excellent design, and we know that the game market in Europe and the United States have been more dominated by all types of host platforms, so all parties and the co-sneakers and co-owners have been showed new culture . Let’s see it together.

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womens nike high tips shoes sneakers girls


Nike also  launch the second-generation signature shoes PG2 timely. In the PG1 shoes have been popular in the sneakers world .  we all expect with PG2 is quite a lot. PG2 has changed in both ways compared with the previous generation, thicker forefoot  and the greater cushioning then last version , we can feel more court-feeling .

nike air max thea sneaker pink and black shoes

it cancel the new design of strap that called “flying wings” , in addition to play the role of fixed protection strap, this design will be better . In the special version of the color design, PG2 and the “PlayStation” to create a very cool color scheme.

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Paul George himself loves video games, and he is also a good gamer for  Sony , thus contributing to the collaboration between the PG2 and the PlayStation console. For the  color, a lot of details are combined with the elements of game . The four shoelaces on “Dynamic Wings” correspond to the four-color keys on the handle, and the original suede material at the heel is replaced by a hard material that is reflective, with key patterns engraved on multiple handles

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The outsole part is made of multi-color design. The most special is that the tongue on the Play Station and Paul logo are  shining! Through the built-in lithium battery design,it can shine for up to 150 hours. will you expect it ? nike sneakers in lady of love quotes girls similar to nike air force one high heels shoes

In fact, the combination of shoes and game elements have been a long history, we know that in last year’s PG1 color had the design of 2K elements . Paul’s also love this game ,and his first shoes have been the   elements of 2K17 .

jordan aero mania low mens black

Suede material texture by the fish scale design of the upper replaced by shoelaces buckle . It has made a fishing buoy lace buckle design, this is combined the new design of gamesnike zoom streak xc sale

This 2K color of PG2 from the look, color, details are very good ,also it has been show the  paul personal preferences and 2K elements are combined with the shoes   , as Paul fans and 2K series fans believe it is not to be missed a terra sertig boot waterproof sneakers nike flyknit racer volt 2015 price list nike air max 2015 ireland nike dunk obsidian white noise cigar When it comes to the combination of shoes and game elements, the best brand of Air Jordan  will not miss. In 2014, a sneaker designer from the United Kingdom led a team that combined the theme of the PS4 console with the classic AJ4.

rainbow nike free run flyknit shopping online nike terra sertig boot waterproof sneakers

Sneakers with dark green colorway, the characteristics of the PS4 also showed in the shoes .and the  Logo of jumpmen and  PS4 characteristics. nike woodside chukka 2 mens nike zoom streak xc sale

The tongue showed the  Sony’s iconic robotic . The most special is two data lines that , it seems to be able to connection to sb girls line drawing easy of football nike flyknit leather rosche shoes sale

At the end of 2017, Xbox and UA introduced a co-branded Xbox x UA Curry 4 , this is a new  trying  and it has been popular in the sneakers world nike air max thea sneaker pink and black shoes


In the upper parts , there is a of  Xbox  logo,  a sense of science  technology of  Xbox with  green color .Also included is an Xbox One X Console, V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphones with BoomPro Gaming Microphone, 2 Xbox One Elite controllers, Select Xbox One Games, 12 months of both Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and much more. now it  has been showed the game scene .Matching between black and green colorway like a running Xbox One console.

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Overall, when the games elements combined with the shoes , it has been a new style and new fashion . let stay it .